We offer a lifetime repair service with all of our coats.

If your coat does need a repair, please get in touch. We're very happy to help you care for your coat over time. We can fix it for you, help you find a local repair service or help you to fix it yourself.

6% of clothing is thrown away because it needs a repair. We'd love you to join us in helping to reduce this.

Do It Yourself

We'll guide you through making the repair and provide any materials you need(e.g. matching thread) for free.

Find a Local Repair Service

If you want to avoid posting your garment back to us, let us know where you are and we can help find somewhere local. We're happy to answer any questions on our fabric and construction to assist.

Send it to Us

We’re happy to make any repairs for you

As it's important to us to treat everyone who works on our garments fairly, we do charge for our seamstress' time. They're pretty speedy so we can make small repairs for under £10. For example, holes in pockets, small damage to a seam, missing buttons. We'll provide all the materials for free.

We can also help extend the life of your garment by, for example, replacing the lining if it starts to wear. For these bigger jobs, we'll give you a quote.