Caring for you Clothes

Washing: Wool is naturally anti-bacterial so firstly just try putting it outside in the fresh air. If it needs more, see the care label for washing instructions.

Stains: 1% of clothing is discarded because it's stained. But we know you love yours too much. Here's how to fix it:

  • If possible, treat it before it has time to set in.
  • Dab to remove. Don't rub it as this will damage the fibres and make the area look different to the rest of the fabric.
  • Take a look at Woolmark for detailed information on what to use to treat different types of stains including coffee, wine, ink and make-up.

  • Storing: Make sure the garment is clean from dirt and dust. As wool is soft and pliable, fold rather than hang, to ensure the item keeps it's shape. Add moth prevention such as cedar block.

    Washing: As cotton is a natural fibre it will shrink at high temperatures. It’s best to wash and iron cotton garments at low temperatures.

    You can preserve the fit of your garment and keep it clean and fresh for longer by washing at 30 most of the time and washing at a slightly higher temperature every so often.