We believe the biggest change we can make to improve sustainability in the fashion industry is to encourage each of us to buy less and to keep what we do buy for longer.

Creating clothing uses our natural resources, whether that be animals, plants, oil or water. The more we create, the more we use.

So we make our coats to last. We use high quality, high abrasion fabrics, reinforced seams and high quality thread.

In addition, we raise awareness of the value we should each recognise and attach to our clothing. We’ll tell you what has gone into making them from fibre, yarn and fabric production to construction.

As we believe the biggest impact we can make is to produce clothing you will love for a long time, we always ensure high quality, comfort and fit. We also always ensure people and animals are treated fairly and to high welfare standards throughout our supply chain.

We always work with suppliers who work to high environmental standards, working to minimise water, chemicals and carbon as well as waste. Where available we will use local farms and local mills to reduce shipping.

Where suitable we use natural fibres as these have wonderful natural qualities and are biodegradable. We don’t blend these natural fibres with anything else, so they’re easier (and less costly) to recycle; reducing the end cost of the recycled fabric. Where we do use man-made fabrics, we will look for sustainable sources.

Finally, we apply high sustainability standards in our own work; minimising waste, recycling and using sustainable packaging and making each of our coats to order.