Our Story

Launched in 2021 we make beautiful clothing which is responsibly made and sourced. We do all of our design, development and construction in our Edinburgh studio.

As well as sourcing sustainably, we make our clothes to last. We use high quality materials to create beautiful garments in classic styles and timeless colour. We put durability at the center of our design using strong, high quality fabrics and durable construction techniques. We make them to fit and we help you repair and care for them over their lifetime.

By keeping our clothes for a little longer, we reduce the pressure the current rate of fashion production puts on worker pay and conditions, animal welfare, natural resources and waste management.

We always use fabrics and other materials which are produced to high environmental and welfare standards. We look for the newest innovations and use accreditations.

We work closely with fabric producers to ensure traceability. This also allows us to raise awareness of the value we should each attach to our clothes by telling their story. We share how each garment is made from farm, through yarn and fabric production, to final construction.

Where possible, we source locally. There are still many innovators working in the UK and Europe to revive and protect a local textile industry. From growing raw materials which originated in the UK and are now found globally, to recycling plastic and textile waste into new fabrics. We want to support them and we hope you do too.

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